An Initiative by Austin Apemiye

First of its kind in West Africa; the #GoForANigerianChessGrandMaster Initiative in conjunction with various stakeholders within the Nigerian Chess Community, is aimed at producing the very First Nigerian Chess Grand Master.

Vision, Issues, & Values

Our objective is One (1), to produce the first Nigerian Chess Grand Master before or by May 2020.

  To produce a Nigerian chess Grand Master, the easiest way to achieve this goal is for a Nigerian to win the African Individual chess championship.

It is a thing of disdain and discontent to see that Nigeria which is the biggest black Nation on earth cannot boast of a chess Grandmaster despite the abundant chess talents in the country.

To this end, we implore all well-meaning individual
in Nigeria and the world all over to support our vision
and mission. there is The popular saying “we cannot hope to get a different result when we keep doing things the same way” 

To articulate this vision we are going to be working with some of the best chess coaches in the world. We are going to have weekly, monthly, annual rated FIDE chess tournaments with the main aim of achieving title Norms and producing a GM. It is important to note that the Female chess players are not left out, we have a deep interest in producing WGM, WIM, WFM, and GM. KEY NOTABLE RESOURCE PERSON WE intend working with is GM IVAN SOKOLOV.

The goal of this initiative can only be actualized if we all come together as a group and support the best chess talents in our country Nigeria. It cannot be over emphasized that Nigeria is a country of over 180 million people and it cannot boast of a single chess grandmaster but we hope to change this narrative, so to this end, we are using this medium to call for your support in various ways ranging from Donation, Sponsorship/partnerships.

The Long awaited Dream of all Nigerian Chess Players

Chess In Nigeria

In Nigeria today, there are over 200 rated chess players, SIX International masters (IM), Ten FIDE Masters (FM) TWELVE candidate Masters (CM) and 5 Woman Candidate Masters and FOUR Woman FIDE Masters.

Chess in Nigeria is growing rapidly in term of the number of players attending official tournaments and FIDE rating. According to an unofficial allege claim by the Chess Players Association (CPAN), we currently have over 5,000 players interested in Pro-Chess.

But yet we have no “GM” titled player

Join the movement!

There are many benefits to supporting this movement. So, let’s discuss it… 

News & Updates 

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